repertoire and library list
(* = composed or arranged for high voices)
Agazzoni, A. - Ave Virgo gratiosa
Alain, Jehan - Messe de Requiem
Allegri, Gregorio - Miserere (English)
Anerio, Felice - Christus Factus Est
Andrew, David - And I saw a new heaven

A Liturgical Anthem Book
A Sixteenth Century Anthem Book
Anthems for Choirs (2)

Arcadelt, J - Ave Maria *
Archer, Malcolm - Preces & Responses *
Azza, Filippo - Sentomi la Formicula
Bach, J.S. - Chorales (Orgelbüchlein)
Bach, J.S. - Jesu, joy of man's desiring
Bach, J.S. - Wachet auf (Cantata 140)
Bairstow, Edward - Know ye not
Barnby, Joseph - Sweet and low
Bartok, Bela - Shepherd's Christmas Songs *
Bassano, Giovanni - Dic nobis, Maria
Bassano, Giovanni - Hodie Christus natus est
Beethoven, L. van - Mass in C
Bennett, Richard Rodney - The Aviary *
Bennett, Richard Rodney - The Insect World *
Berio, Luciano - Magnificat
Bernstein, Leonard - America *
Bernstein, Leonard - Chichester Psalms
Bingham, Judith - The Ghost of Combermere Abbey *
Bonnet, Pierre - Francion vint l'autre jour
Boyce, William - By thy banks, gentle Stour *
Boyce, William - The sorrows of my heart *
Brahms, J. - Der Gartner *
Brahms, J. - Liebeslieder *
Brahms, J. - Die Mullerin *
Brahms, J. - Rosenzeit *
Brahms, J. - Der Kirchhof *
Brahms, J. - Die Braut *
Brahms, J. - Marznacht *
Brahms, J. - Die Schwestern *
Brahms, J. - Klosterfraulein *
Brahms, J. - Phänomen *
Britten, Benjamin - A Ceremony of Carols *
Britten, Benjamin - Choral Dances from Gloriana
Britten, Benjamin - Friday Afternoons *
Britten, Benjamin - Hymn to St Cecilia
Britten, Benjamin - Jubilate Deo
Britten, Benjamin - Missa Brevis in D *
Britten, Benjamin - Noye's Fludde
Britten, Benjamin - Rejoice in the Lamb
Britten, Benjamin - Te Deum
Bruckner, Anton - motets (complete)
Bruckner, Anton - Ave Maria
Bruckner, Anton - Christus Factus Est
Bruckner, Anton - Ecce Sacerdos
Bruckner, Anton - Locus iste
Bruckner, Anton - Offertorium
Burchell, David - Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis
Burgon, Geoffrey - Nunc Dimittis
Buxtehude, Dietrich - Canite Jesu nostro
Buxtehude, Dietrich - Cantate Domino
Buxtehude, Dietrich - Dialogus inter Christum et Fidelum Animam
Buxtehude, Dietrich - In dulci jubilo
Buxtehude, Dietrich - Magnificat [parts]
Buxtehude, Dietrich - Surrexit Christus hodie
Byrd, William - Ardorna thalamum
Byrd, William - Ave Verum Corpus
Byrd, William - Laetentur coeli
Byrd, William - Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis
Byrd, William - O Lord, make thy servant, Elizabeth
Byrd, William - Preces and Responses
- Byzantine Liturgy
Caldicott, Dr. - To all you Ladies now on Land
Carissimi, G. - Exulta gaude [parts]

Angelus ad virginem *
Carol of the Drum *
Ding Dong Merrily on High
Good King Wenceslas, In Dulci Jubilo, Angels from the Realms
Leuven Carols (arr. Jon Dixon) *
Lord Mayor's Carol (Alan Pope)
Love is come again
On this Day is born a Babe
Shorter New Oxford Book of Carols
Silent Night
There was a Pig
To-morrow shall be my Dancing Day
Utrecht Carols (15th cent., ed. Joan Malcolm)
Wassail Song
We have been a-rambling

See also: Bartok, Britten, Rutter, Vaughan Williams, Warlock
For other Christmas Music, see: Bassano, Buxtehude, Charpentier, Dering, Kodaly,
McCarthy, Monteverdi, Palestrina, Poulenc, Scheidt, Schutz

Charpentier, M-A - Christmas Cantata [parts]
Charpentier, M-A - Messe de Minuit
Charpentier, M-A - Te Deum
Constantini, A. - Confitemini Domini
Cooper, Robert - Gloria in excelsis Deo
Cope, Cecil - Pleasure it is *
Corfe, Joseph - I will magnify thee, O Lord *
Costeley, G. - Mignonne allon voir si la Roze
Couperin, Francois - Christo Resurgenti *
Couperin, Francois - Motet de Ste. Suzanne [parts]
Couperin, Francois - Regina Caeli *
Croce, G. - Duo Seraphim clamabant
Croce, G. - Buccinate in Neomania
Crotch, William - Be Peace on Earth *
Dering, Richard - Rosa d'amore
Dering, Richard - Duo Seraphim clamabant *
Dering, Richard - Gaudent in caelis *
Dering, Richard - Factum est silentium
Dering, Richard - Lagrime
Dering, Richard - O vos omnes
Dering, Richard - Quem vidistis Pastores
Diack, Michael - Sing a Song of Sixpence *
Dixon, Jon - Leuven Carols *
Dixon, Jon - When Icicles hang by the wall *
Donato, C. - Viva sempre
Drakeford, Richard - Missa Brevis *
Drayton, Paul - Nero *
Duruflé, Maurice - Quatre Motets
Duruflé, Maurice - Requiem (vocal parts, full score)
Elgar, Edward - Angelus (Tuscany)
Elgar, Edward - Ave Verum
Elgar, Edward - Evening Scene
Elgar, Edward - Four Unaccompanied Part Songs, Op. 53
Elgar, Edward - It comes from the misty ages
Elgar, Edward - My Love dwelt in a Northern Land
Elgar, Edward - The Early Part Songs
Elgar, Edward - The Prince of Sleep
Fanshawe, David - African Sanctus
Fanshawe, David - Dona nobis pacem
Fauré, Gabriel - Ave Maria *
Fauré, Gabriel - Cantique de Jean Racine (SATB)
Fauré, Gabriel - Cantique de Jean Racine (SA) *
Fauré, Gabriel - En Prière *
Fauré, Gabriel - Le Ruisseau *
Fauré, Gabriel - Maria mater gratiae *
Fauré, Gabriel - Messe basse *
Fauré, Gabriel - Messe des pêcheurs *
Fauré, Gabriel - Pavane
Fauré, Gabriel - Requiem
Fauré, Gabriel - Tantum ergo *
Fauré, Gabriel - Tarantelle *

Sing together(Appleby and Fowler)
various songs, ed. Richard Vendome, Vivien Ellis, etc.

Fovargue, Eva - The Kings of Old
Gabrieli, Andrea - Angeli, Archangeli
Gabrieli, Andrea - Dimmi Cieco
Gazzaniga - Se per me cangiato sei [parts]
Genzmer, Harald - Romische Weinspruche
Gibbons, Orlando - Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis (short service)
Good, Colin - arr. Somebody loves me *
Gur, G. O - Maria mater gratiae
Haigh, Howard -The Oxford Mummers *
Handel, G.F. - Coronation Anthems
Handel, G.F. - Dixit Dominus
Handel, G.F. - For unto Us *
Handel, G.F. - Foundling Hospital Anthem
Handel, G.F. - Glory to God *
Handel, G.F. - Hallelujah Chorus *
Handel, G.F. - Messiah - Easter Music *
Handel, G.F. - Messiah - various
Handel, G.F. - Zadok the Priest
Handl, Jacob - Pueri conciniti
Harwood, Basil - Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in Ab
Hasse, J.A. - Miserere *
Hassler, H. - Cantate Domino
Haydn, J. - Missa in Angustiis (Nelson Mass)
Haydn, J. - Missa Sancti Nicolai
Hayes, William - Circe *
Hildegard of Bingen - Kyrie *
Hildegard of Bingen - Laus Trinitate *
Hildegard of Bingen - Ordo virtutum *
Hildegard of Bingen - O nobilissima viriditas *
Hildegard of Bingen - O pater omnium *
Hildegard of Bingen - O successores *
Hildegard of Bingen - O viridissima virga *
Hildegard of Bingen - O vos angeli *
Hildegard of Bingen - Studium divinitatis *
Hildegard of Bingen - Vos flores rosaram *
Holst, Gustav - I vow to thee, my country
Holst, Gustav - Lullay
Holst, Gustav - Roadways
Holst, Gustav - Shop of the Shipbuilders
Holst, Gustav - Swansea Town
Holst, Gustav - This have I done for my true love
Holst, Gustav - How Fair the May
Howells, Herbert - A Maid Peerless *
Howells, Herbert - God is Gone Up
Howells, Herbert - My Eyes for Beauty Pine *
Hughes, Edward Dudley - Ascention (John Donne) *
Hurd, Michael - Pilgrim *
Jacob, Gordon - arr. Brother James's Air *
Jannequin, Clement - Au joly jeu
Kelly, Bryan - Magnificat in C
Kelly, Bryan - Partita for Voices
- Kieff Melody
Kodaly, Zoltan - Fancy *
Kodaly, Zoltan - The Angels and the Shepherds
Langton, Stephen - Veni Sancte Spiritus (realised in triple time) *
Lassus, Orlando - Adoramus te
Lassus, Orlando - Bon jour, mon coeur
Lassus, Orlando - Las! voulez-vous q'une personne chant
Lassus, Orlando - Quand mon Mary vient dehors
Leaper, Kenneth - Butterflies *
Leaper, Kenneth - Maids of Masura *
Leaper, Kenneth - My Lady Kasa *
Leaper, Kenneth - A Page from my Pillowbook *
Leighton, Kenneth - An Easter Sequence *
Leighton, Kenneth - Drop, drop, slow tears
Leighton, Kenneth - Preces & Responses
Le Jeune, Claude - Une puce
Le Jeune, Claude - Reveci venir du printemps
Lichfield, Henry - Alas, my Daphne
Lloyd Webber, A. - Pie Jesu
Lupo, Thomas - O Lord, give ear to my complaint

Oxford Book of English Madrigals
An Invitation to Madrigals
European Madrigals
(ed. Kraus)
English Romantic Partsongs

Marbecke, John - A Virgin and Mother
Marenzio, Luca - Asperges me
Marenzio, Luca - Innocente pro Christo
Marenzio, Luca - O Rex Gloriae
Marenzio, Luca - O quam gloriosum
Matelart, Joannes - Caro mea
Matelart, Joannes - Pange Lingua
Mathias, William - Salvator Mundi *
Maunder, J.H. - Olivet to Calvary
Maw, Nicolas - Caroline Pink and other Nonsense Rhymes *

Songs from Shakespeare's Plays
Ah, Robin, Gentle Robin
Blow thy horn, hunter
Edi be thu *
Hymn to St. Magnus *
Gather ye Rosebuds *
Greensleeves *
Sumer is icumen in *
Willow Song *

Mendelssohn, Felix - Greeting *
Mendelssohn, Felix - Hear my Prayer
Mendelssohn, Felix - I would that my love
Mendelssohn, Felix - Lift thine eyes *
Merulo, G. - Io non patria
Milton, John - If that sinner's sighs
Milton, John - When David heard
Moeran, E.J. - Blessed are those servants
Moeran, E.J. - Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis
Moeran, E.J. - Songs of Springtime
Monteverdi, Claudio - Angelus ad Pastores ait
Monteverdi, Claudio - Beatus vir
Monteverdi, Claudio - Deus tuorum militum
Monteverdi, Claudio - Laudate Dominum [parts]
Moore, Harold - God so loved the world
Morales, Cristobal de - Me ye have bereaved
Morales, Cristobal de - O magnum mysterium
Morley, Thomas - Agnus Dei
Morley, Thomas - April is in My Mistress' Face
Morley, Thomas - De profundis
Morley, Thomas - Eheu! Sustelerunt Dominum
Morley, Thomas - Laborari in gemitu meo
Morley, Thomas - Now is the month of maying
Morley, Thomas - Preces & Responses
Mozart, W.A. - Ave Verum
Mozart, W.A. - Two Rounds *
McCarthy, John - We Need a Little Christmas
McCreery, Charles - Thirteen Tolkien Songs *
Nanini, Giovanni - Diffuse est gratia
Nikolsky - O Taste and see how gracious is the Lord
Nivers - Graduale Monasticum
Noyon, J. - Adoremus
Pacciotti, P. - Hic est Michael Archangelus
Palestrina, G.P. - A Christmas Motet
Palestrina, G.P. - Alma redemptoris *
Palestrina, G.P. - Ave Maria
Palestrina, G.P. - Ave Regina *
Palestrina, G.P. - Salve Regina *
Palestrina, G.P. - Crucem Sanctam Subiit
Palestrina, G.P. - Exaltabo te, Domine
Palestrina, G.P. - Missa Aeterna Christi Munera
Palestrina, G.P. - O radiant glory
Palestrina, G.P. - Quae est istat?
Pampani, Antonio - Confitebor tibi *
Parry, Hubert - Blest Pair of Sirens
Parry, Hubert - I was glad when thy said unto me
Parry, Hubert - My soul there is a country
Parsons, Robert - Ave Maria
Pearsall, R.L. de - Sing we and chaunt it
Pearsall, R.L. de - Who shall win my lady fair?
Pergolesi, G.B. - Stabat Mater
Perisonne - Vaga tranquilla e lieta
Philips, Peter - Ascendit Deus
Philips, Peter - Cantantibus Organis
Philips, Peter - O nomen Jesu
Philips, Peter - Veni sancte
Packard-Cambridge, W. - Humiliavit se met ipsum
Packard-Cambridge, W. - Quare tristis es, anima mea?
Pinsuti, Caro - The Parting Kiss
Piston, Walter - O Sing unto the Lord a New Song
Pitoni, Giuseppe - Cantate Domino

Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom
Matins and Evensong
Missa de Angelis
Kyrie, Agnus Dei
Missa de Angelis
Music for Evensong, Set F
Nunc Dimittis
Psalm 22
Psalm 24
Psalm 34
Psalm 99
Psalms and Responses
Ut queant laxis
Veni Creator

Pott, Francis - Nunc Natus est Altissimus *
Pott, Francis - Lord's Prayer *
Poulenc, Francis - Hodie Christus Natus Est
Poulenc, Francis - Litanies a la Vièrge Noire *
Praetorius, M. - Der Winter ist ein Stranger Gast
Purcell, Henry - Celestial Music
Purcell, Henry - Come ye Sons of Art
Purcell, Henry - Dido & Aeneas
Purcell, Henry - Dido & Aeneas prologue music (RV)
Purcell, Henry - Evening Hymn *
Purcell, Henry - Nymphs and Shepherds *
Purcell, Henry - Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem
Rachmaninov, S. - Glory to God the Father
Rachmaninov, S. - Hymn to the Cherubim
Rachmaninov, S. - O Praise the Lord
Rachmaninov, S. - To Thee, O Lord
Robledo, M. - Magnificat 3i toni
Rose, Bernard - Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in E *
Rutter, Michael - Dancing Day *
de Severac, Deodat - Tantum ergo
Scheidt, Samuel - Puer natus in Bethlehem
Schubert, Franz - The Lord is my Shepherd (English) *
Schubert, Franz - The Lord is my Shepherd (German) *
Schubert, Franz - Gott in der Natur *
Schubert, Franz
Schutz, Heinrich - Cantate Domino
Schutz, Heinrich - Hodie Christus natus est
Shepherd, John - Haec Dies
Shepherd, John - Haste Thee O God
Sherlaw Johnson, R. - Festival Mass
Smith, William - Preces & Responses
Stanford, Charles - Beati quorum via
Stanford, Charles - Coelos ascendit hodie
Stanford, Charles - Justorum animae
Stanford, Charles - Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in Bb
Stanford, Charles - Psalm 150
Stanford, Charles - The Blue Bird
Stanford, Charles - The Lord is my Shepherd
Sullivan, Arthur - The long day closes
Sweelinck, J.P. - Gaudete Omnes
Tallis, Thomas - Gloria Patri
Tallis, Thomas - In ieiunio et fletu
Tallis, Thomas - O nata lux de lumine
Tallis, Thomas - Purge me O Lord
Tallis, Thomas - This is My Commandment
Tavener, John - Song for Athene
Taverner, John - Christo Jesu pastor bone
Taylor, Robert - Christus resurgens (facsimile)
Tchaikovsky, Peter - Angel Spirits ever Blessed
Tchaikovsky, Peter - Hymn to the Trinity
Thesalis, G.A. - Dedication
Tippett, Michael - Five Negro Spirituals ("A Child of Our Time")
Tippett, Michael - Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis
Tomkins, Thomas - Great and Marvellous
Tomkins, Thomas - Have Mercy upon me, O God
Tomkins, Thomas - Preces & Responses
Tomkins, Thomas - Too much I once lamented
Tomkins, Thomas - Weep no more thou sorry boy
Tomkins, Thomas - When David Heard
Tunder, F. - O Jesu dulcissime
da Turi, Sabino - Lauda Sion
Tye, Christopher - O God be Merciful unto us
Vaughan Williams, R. - An Invitation *
Vaughan Williams, R. - Fantasia on Christmas Carols
Vaughan Williams, R. - Five English Folk Songs
Vaughan Williams, R. - Just as the Tide was Flowing
Vaughan Williams, R. - Linden Lea *
Vaughan Williams, R. - Lord, Thou hast been our Refuge
Vaughan Williams, R. - Mass in G minor
Vaughan Williams, R. - Sanctus & Benedictus
Vaughan Williams, R. - O Clap your Hands
Vaughan Williams, R. - O Taste and See
Vaughan Williams, R. - O vos omnes
Vaughan Williams, R. - Orpheus with his Lute
Vaughan Williams, R. - The Turtle Dove
Vaughan Williams, R. - The Voice out of the Whirlwind
Vendome, Richard - arr. Ain't misbehavin' *
Vendome, Richard - arr. Ding, dong, merrily on high
Vendome, Richard - I saw three ships
Vendome, Richard - O clap your hands *
Verdi, Giuseppe - Laudi alla Vergine Maria
Viadano, L. - O Sacrum Convivium
Victoria, T. L. da - Ave Maria
Victoria, T. L. da - Beata es Maria
Victoria, T. L. da - Caligaverunt oculi moi
Victoria, T. L. da - Christus from Missa 'Lactatus'
Victoria, T. L. da - Duo Seraphim *
Victoria, T. L. da - Gaudent in coelis
Victoria, T. L. da - In Festo SS Trinitatis
Victoria, T. L. da - Jesu dulcis memoria
Victoria, T. L. da - Judas, mercator pessimus
Victoria, T. L. da - O magnum mysterium
Victoria, T. L. da - O quam gloriosum
Victoria, T. L. da - Pueri Hebraeorum
Victoria, T. L. da - Tantum Ergo
Victoria, T. L. da - Tenebrae
Vivaldi, A. - Gloria (SSAA version by RV) *
Vivaldi, A. - Laetatus sum *
Vivaldi, A. - Lauda Jerusalem *
Voigtlander - Aber du, du liegst
Voigtlander - Nachbars Garten
Walmisley, Thomas - Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in d
Walmisley, Thomas - The Lord Shall Comfort Zion
Ward, John - O Lord Consider my Complaint
Warlock, Peter - Benedicamus Domino (Carol)
Warlock, Peter - Bethlehem Down (Carol)
Warrell, Arthur - A Song of Joy
Warrell, Arthur - Michaelmas
Weelkes, Thomas - Alleluia
Weelkes, Thomas - Aye me, alas, hey ho
Weelkes, Thomas - O Lord, grant the King a long life
Weelkes, Thomas - Since Robin Hood *
Weelkes, Thomas - The Nightingale, the organ of delight
Weelkes, Thomas - When David heard that Absolom was slain
Wesley, Samuel - Ave Maria Stella *
White, L.J. - A Prayer of St. Richard of Chichester *
White, Robert - Lamentations
White, Robert - O Praise God in His Holiness
Wilbye, John - Draw on, Sweet Night
Williams, Roderick - A Winter Poem *
Williams, Roderick - Alice in Wonderland (opera) *
Williams, Roderick - And Death shall have no dominion (cantata)
Williams, Roderick - Spring goeth all in white *
Williams, Roderick - When June is Come *
Williams, Roderick - arr. Big yellow taxi *

Williams, Roderick - arr. Can't help lovin' dat man *
Williams, Roderick - arr. Good vibrations *
Williams, Roderick - arr. Fever *
Williams, Roderick - arr. I can see clearly now *
Williams, Roderick - arr. I say a little prayer *
Williams, Roderick - arr. Killing me softly *
Williams, Roderick - arr. My baby just cares for me *
Williams, Roderick - arr. Somewhere, over the rainbow *
Williams, Roderick - arr. Smoke gets in your eyes *
Williams, Roderick - arr. Summer Time *
Williams, Roderick - arr. Sweet dreams are made of this *
Williams, Roderick - arr. The girl from Ipanema *
Wise, Michael - Thy beauty, O Israel
Wise, Michael - Glory and honour and laud
Wishart, Stevie - Azeruz *
Wishart, Stevie - Sub Rosa *
Wood, Charles - Hail, gladdening Light
Yon, Pietro - Ave Maria
Youll, Henry - Early before the day doth spring

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