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Oxford Girls' Choir
for girls aged 11 -18. The atmosphere at OGC is musically challenging but socially informal, and the range of music is very wide. We provide help with musical skills where needed (sight-singing etc.) and encourage singers with low voices as well as high ones.

All applicants are auditioned, though girls are welcome to come along for a free taster session first. The audition is meant to show what you CAN do, not what you can't!  Singers should bring along something they know well and which has a good vocal range (most pop/show tunes are too limited). We also ask instrumentalists to play a short piece if possible.

Oxford Girls' Junior Choir
for girls aged 8 -11. Develops vocal and musical skills and encourages a love of music. Prepares girls for Oxford Girls' Choir.

Oxford Boys' Choir
for boys aged 6 -12. Prepares boys to sing a wide range of music or for choristerships. Training methods are the same as those of the girls' choir.

Oxford Prep Choir
our starter choirs for boys and girls aged 4 - 5, and girls aged 6 - 7. No audition required.

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PLEASE SUBMIT THE FORM BELOW and we will contact you, or call us -

  • Musical Director (Richard Vendome) 01865 714046
  • Associate Musical Director, junior girls (Joyce Morris) 01865 375922
  • Associate Musical Director, prep choir (Camilla Stephenson) 07816 312030
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