Hildegard of Bingen - written legacy
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by date
c.1140 onwards Symphonia (musical works)
c.1140 onwards Scivias (Know the Way)
1146 onwards correspondence
c.1150 Ordo virtutum (Play of Virtues, with music)
1150-60 Lingua ignota, Litterae ignota (Unknown language and letters)
1151-58 Physica, Causae et curae (natural philosophy and medicine)
1158-63 Liber vitae meritorum (Book of Life's Merits)
1163-73 Liber divinorum operum (Book of Divine Works)

Vita Sancti Disibodi (Life of St Disibod)

?1170 Vita Sancti Ruperti (Life of St Rupert)


Pentachronon (prophecies)

by category

biography Vita Sancti Disibodi, Vita Sancti Ruperti (?1170)
correspondence (from 1146)
cryptic writing Lingua ignota
Litterae ignota (1150-60)
music Symphonia (from 1140)
Ordo virtutum
natural philosophy Physica, Causae et curae (1151-58)

theology and visions

Scivias (1141-51)
Liber vitae meritorum (1158-63)
Liber divinorum operum (1163-74)
Pentachronon (posthumous compilation, c.1220)